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I’m so happy you’ve stopped by. My name is Kismet – I am a freelance fiction author and commission writer! I post free stories, extracts and blog posts here on my website, as well as frequent quotes and prompts on my social media. Whether you’re looking for a quick escape, an epic chronicle or an uplifting tale, I hope you can find it here.

From a young age writing has been my outlet, escape and a way of sharing with those around me. Through the years I’ve taught myself plenty of techniques that allow me to breathe life into stories, settings and characters. Creating alone can be beautiful, spiritual, and incredibly furfilling but sharing is yet another joy of the process! I love to take readers such as yourself on epic and exciting journeys. Journeys that stretch from the darkest corners of untamed forests to the highest levels of cyberpunk spires. Perhaps even to the edge of sanity or the heart of another. However, every journey starts the same way: an idea. What’s your idea? As a freelance fiction author, I can write it for you.

I write fiction of every genre, although I specialise in fantasy and science fiction above others. I invite you to peruse and enjoy my works found here on my website or see my commissions page if you’re ready a custom writing of your own. ^v^

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