Hello there!

It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Kismet Fawn, a young freelance writer and aspiring author. I’ve also gone by the name Illusory Angel in a bunch of places, including my Fiverr account where I started selling. For many years I have written fantastical stories purely as a hobby and an escape from the banality of daily life. However, now I am proud to be sharing my work with readers such as yourself. Much of what I create can be found here, on my website, free of charge. I aim to upload new content every week, often alternating between blog updates and fiction.

To support myself and persue my dream of writing full-time, I take commissions. You can see my commissions page for more information on this. If you don’t want a commission at this time, please consider leaving a positive review on any of my works you enjoyed. It would really brighten my day.

I live in the UK with my father and work for a small ecommerce startup as fullfiment associate, customer service, marketing and pretty much anything else my boss asks me to do. I enjoy Pokemon Go, gaming, cross-stitch and reading in my free time. Currently I’m working my way through all of Lovecraft’s fiction – its taking me a while!

In the past I was super into learning Korean but recently the hobby has taken somewhat of a back seat in my life. However, I still keep an eye on my Korean learning discord server and am a massive advocate of self-teaching and broadening one’s horizons. (Mainstream education still sucks though – hang in there students!) You can find that server here if you’re interested.

Overall, I hope you feel like you know me a little better. Of course I can always be contacted via this website, email or other social medias. Please enjoy everything else my site has to offer and I wish you all the best!