The Mover

Large fingers scraped gently over the girl’s entire scalp, gathering up her thin blonde hair and then enclosing it in a tight fist. The oversized hand pulled back with sudden force, forcing her to expose her throat. More arms appeared. … Read More

Scrapped Intro From My WIP

  Being the last out of the nursery at 7:30pm on a Friday, Jenna Millfield set down her large carrier bag on the concrete doorstep while she flicked through her keys to lock the building for the night. It was … Read More

Queen of Knives

The sound of swords unsheathing made Devin weak at the knees. Death hovered behind the pillars, waiting for the moment she would try to run. Meanwhile, sin stood before her. A picture of immorality and decadence: the Queen of Knives. … Read More

Why Marketing Isn’t as Bad as I Thought

Being a Creative in a Monetized World For as long as I can remember, I enjoyed writing. I liked taking the magical imagery in my head and translating it to a medium where others could picture them too. Even when … Read More

After Hours

The food in the supermarket had already begun to go out of date with no one to change the stock on the shelves. Strip lights on the ceiling – old and tired now – still glowed doggedly through the days … Read More


  The stench of smoke and blood was overpowering. The stomach twisted instinctively. Something was burning here. Something was bleeding here. It was not safe to be lost here.   Music thumped against the brain through the ears, dumbing everything … Read More


Listen to the Story on YouTube! Rea trailed her clawed fingers through the silt of the ocean floor but there were only stones, bones and empty shells to be found. Her stomach twisted itself into a knot and squeezed mercilessly. … Read More

April – From Hell to Love

TW – brief mention of self-harm. Hello to whoever is reading this! I’m impressed and very grateful you are taking the time. Today I wanted to give “monthly update”. With any luck I’ll actually keep on updating each month too. … Read More

Cold Hands

She walks over the wasteland with impeccable posture despite the uneven ground. Her claws slice the air as she reaches for something you can’t see. Gently touches it and whispers something you can’t hear. She doesn’t look at you. Why … Read More

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