My Personas

✨ I’m Kismet Fawn! But I’m also Illusory Angel sometimes. Kismet by day and Angel by night, you could say. The two girls represent different aspects of my personality; an artistic expression, and I feel they are a close part of … Read More


The air on Cree was technically breathable, according to the Interplanetary Health Advisory Board. IHAB published data showing that a human could survive for as long as fifteen years before the high levels of pollution forced the lungs to shut … Read More

Garden of Sustenance

Winding pathways through lucious ferns as tall as a man eventually opened out onto a clearing bathed in sunlight. A thin stream of water sparkled through the center and a miniature bridge built for fairies arched over the clear boundary. … Read More

Pills for the Pitch Mire

For this blog post I wanted to tell a true story rather than a fiction one. Heading home from work, I needed to pick up the next month’s worth of my anti-depressant medication. I’m happy to reveal that because I … Read More


There was a crack in the wall. Lenox Mark had watched it grow for years, decades. But the lines in his face didn’t grow alongside. The man looked youthful – in his physical prime – despite being older than the … Read More

Freedom of Speech

Good morning / afternoon / evening to all whenever and wherever you are, I’m very grateful to have been writing multiple commissions in the last weeks that are allowing me to be comfortable financially instead of struggling. However, with those … Read More

Why I don’t write (and why I do)

For somebody who enjoys writing, considers themselves creative and wants to make at least part of their income from the art, I haven’t always done enough in the past. Sometimes writing can be difficult, as much as I love it, … Read More

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