I write fiction commissions. That means I can write your idea – starting today!


I have experience writing for individuals and businesses in a wide variety of genres and using a range of techniques. I have written fantasy, science fiction, horror, romance, fanfiction, children’s fiction and more. But no matter who I am writing for and the purpose of the piece, I strive for quality!


I specialise in narrative content. That means anything creative, descriptive and emotive. I want to make my readers feel something and through that create meaning that is personal and impactful.enabling me to create the exact writing piece you are looking for.


If you’re still unsure about buying one of my fiction commissions, feel free to have a look at my example works available for free here or ask me questions by email, contact form or social media: kismet@kismetfawn.co.uk | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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  • Fiction

    Any genre of fiction! Any plot, fandom or scenario! I will write quality fiction stories and extracts to the specifications you desire!

  • Kid’s Fiction

    Children’s stories should be fun! I can make content engaging for your younger audiences with repetition, appropriate vocab and inspiring messages.

  • Scripts

    Need something different? Be it a script, the creative part of a pet project or anything else, I’m your gal.