Scrapped Intro From My WIP


Being the last out of the nursery at 7:30pm on a Friday, Jenna Millfield set down her large carrier bag on the concrete doorstep while she flicked through her keys to lock the building for the night. It was oddly quiet when all the children had gone home. You wouldn’t know it was a nursery unless you specifically looked in the windows to see the brightly painted walls covered in the sunny scribbles of children.

Jenna’s was the last car in the car park, on the far side. It was quiet out, except for distant tweeting from some fields across the narrow empty road. It would only be around five minutes of driving to enter the town again and another five until she was home. But without the children it felt like the edge of the world surrounded by farmland and not another building in sight.

Jenna walked slowly to the car and took her time getting in, fastening her seatbelt and starting the engine. Her music came on automatically, buoying her with a little boost of energy with which she started on the drive homeward.

Entering the town, she noticed a police car pulling out behind her in the rear-view mirror. She stopped nodding her head to the music and focused on eyeing the speedometer, even though she was never one to drive fast regardless. The police-car was going the same way as her, it seemed, matching her indication left and then straight across the roundabout. She was just a minute from home when the red and blue flashing behind her started.

Her stomach dropped as the twenty-four year old woman looked for a place to pull-over. Luckily, this was more or an urban road and there were plenty of gaps on the pavement where she was able to pull in. She turned off the engine, her music cutting off abruptly, and waited. The police car drove a few meters ahead of her and pulled in also.

She rolled down her window and looked down at her blue t-shirt, covered in stains from the pack lunches and sticky hands of the children at the nursery. It wasn’t exactly her sunday best.

By contrast, the policeman was immaculate. He was tall, dark haired and clean-shaven. His uniform fit him perfectly and there wasn’t a stain anywhere on the pure white shirt under his vest. She thought he looked mature and attractive. But that didn’t do anything to quell her worries.

As he got closer, he nodded and smiled at her. “Hello! Is that Ms Jenna Millfield?”

“Yes.” she replied, more confused than ever.

“Good. Good.” He was right up at her window now. “I’m sorry to disturb you but there’s something I need to discuss with you. Would it be okay if I escorted you home and came in for a chat?”

This didn’t seem right at all to Jenna. Police only came knocking for a chat if someone had died, didn’t they? Or maybe they were investigating something. “What’s it about?” she asked, heart pounding.

“We need your help with something.”


This is an abandoned start to my WIP, originally written by hand in my notebook. I’ve since scrapped and restarted it and the real thing is going to be SOO much better. I’m excited because I really believe its an awesome story idea. But I’ve just got to actually finish it!

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