Illusory_angel is a fantastic writer. I am once again very happy with the story. My idea came to life thanks to you.


It’s difficult for me to put into words how impressed I am with Illusory_angel’s work. Not only did they do an excellent job of turning my ideas into a flowing and enjoyable read, but they also went the extra mile by extending the story well beyond what I asked for. The decision to extend the story is something I am extremely grateful for, as it gave the plot time to develop at a comfortable pace and enough room for the story to reach a very satisfying conclusion. Again, I need to repeat that I am very impressed with Illusory_angel’s work, and I highly recommend others to give them a chance.


This writer produced an excellent short story for me that met my brief very well.


outstanding seller w great communication. gave exactly what i wanted !


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Nice work and fast delivery. Well written story. I’ll be glad to work with you again.


I am very pleased with the work. Very creative and accurate work. Delivery was given before the time given. I would highly recommend this seller. Thank You.


I asked for a small Story, and got delivered a wonderfull small piece with characters that felt alive, more then just a name.
I definitely reccomend her to anyone who wants a nice writen piece of Art.

Christian Stein

To say Illusory Angel is talented is an understatement. Illusory Angel wrote a fantastic story in my image. All of the key points were nailed and I really enjoyed the deeper details in one of the scenes.


Wow just wow! Thank you so much for your work. You’ve hit the nail on the head and created exactly what I’m after. I really appreciate your follow communication, you literally extracted the jumbled and fragmented ideas in my head and turned into an awesome story. I loved the main character but the best bit of all is the way you described the world, it was like I was there! Thanks again, I’ve bookmarked you and will be using your service again.


The seller was able to write the story I had in mind


Very creative, knows their way around good kinks. I highly recommend.


Reading it allowed me to see directly into the characters, they were more then just names on a pieace of paper. I am impressed and love what she created there!


Fantastic. Can’t wait for the next chapter


Really nice. Thanks for also explaining your rationale too (helps a lot), and it’s a well written short story.