The Mover

Large fingers scraped gently over the girl’s entire scalp, gathering up her thin blonde hair and then enclosing it in a tight fist. The oversized hand pulled back with sudden force, forcing her to expose her throat. More arms appeared. They grabbed her limp arms and legs, encased her torso and lifted her into a propped up stance.

A pause ensued. She breathed shallow. Her skin was plaster like a doll but her heart was vibrating like a plucked string. The Mover was listening to the note singing up her neck. It estimated how much more it could bend her before she would snap.

Muscles surged to life. They pulled at her ankles where it held them to direct her steps, one after the other. It took her towards the other Guardians: the Shielder and the Screamer and the Feeder. The other children, in the care of their Guardians, were similarly unresponsive.

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